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Anodized Business Card Material Removal

Shown here I am removing the top layer of anodizing to expose the card's true aluminum color.  

Cerakote Layer Removal

Shown here I am removing the top layer of tungsten cerakote to expose the next layer of FDE cerakote.  Lower power and higher speed can achieve this without burning through.  The factory grip texture was sanded down to get the nice solid finish.

Glock Frame Stippling

Shown here is lightly stippling over cerakote to achieve the design.  This is more for aesthetics and less for grip texture.  You can see the factory glock texture has not been removed in this case.

PMAG Engraving

Shown here is a simple way to make your PMAGS stand out.  By lasering the mags, it brings out the true pigment in a tan color making it look as though it has been engraved.

Polymer Frame Stipple/Engraving

Shown here is a Sig P365XL frame with custom graphics being stippled into the frame.  The frame was first cerakoted with Tungsten then the laser engraving was done over that to achieve the two tone look and add a subtle extra grip texture.

Rotary Laser Engraving

With this option, I can engrave 360 degrees around an object.  Shown here is a light engraving on a Sig P365 9mm barrel.  Although it looks deep, you can't even feel the engraving to the touch.

Anodized Business Card

Shown here is lightly engraving an anodized business card.  I simply wanted to show the detail that can be achieved from the laser.

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